Housing & Accommodations

American Home Stays
Living with an American host family provides lots of opportunity to practice your English. All our host families are chosen after they have been screened to insure your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Some families have provided housing for our students for over 10 years.

Residence Clubs and Short Term Housing
Many students stay in residence clubs or short term housing when they first arrive in San Francisco. They are safe, friendly, and fairly inexpensive. Some include meals, usually breakfast and dinner, Monday through Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. Most are co-ed (for both men and women).

Hostelling International
Youth Hostels are perhaps the most economical way to live in San Francisco. Hostel living means sharing a room with one other student. The hostel closest to the Academy is Hostelling International.

Student Apartments
For students staying more than three months, an apartment may be the ideal choice, especially if you an share one with a friend. A number of apartments are within walking distance of the Academy. All apartments contain a kitchen with refrigerator, conventional oven and microwave.

Roommate Services
Several companies in San Francisco provide help in finding roommates. Click here to get a list of such companies.

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