Test Preparation

Program Features

  • Comprehensive Review
  • Year-round Program
  • Integrated Skills
  • Dedicated Instructors
  • Communicative Methodology
  • Carefully chosen Course Materials
  • Computer Exam Lab
  • iBTOEFL testing center
  • Institutional TOEFL Program testing center (ITP)
  • Open Enrollment – Enroll at Anytime!

The Academy offers test preparation courses for the TOEFL and TOEIC. Courses provide comprehensive instruction and practice in all of the traditionally tested areas, including vocabulary, grammar, writing, speaking, reading and listening comprehension. Review of what is traditionally on the exam, advice on strategy, and clear explanations of grammar points help students through the test preparation process.

The iBTOEFL (Internet-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required for admission of international students into most U.S. colleges and universities. The iBTOEFL course is a comprehensive review of all the types of questions that appear on the test, as well as a course designed to increase English language proficiency. Students use the computer to take practice iBTOEFL tests and write weekly essays to prepare for the exam.

TOEIC is an acronym that stands for Test Of English for International Communication. It is one of the most widely used English language exams, taken by more than 4 million business professionals worldwide. The TOEIC test measures your ability to use English in daily business situations. A growing number of international companies recognize the TOEIC as an objective indicator of a person’s proficiency in business English.

Sample Schedule: 9:15am – 1:00pm Monday-Thursday; 9:15am – 12:15pm Friday


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