Questions About AAE

What are the Academy’s office hours?

9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday; 9:00am – 4pm, Friday.

What countries do your students come from?

We have a very diverse student body. You will find students coming from Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Africa, Southeast Asia and many other countries.

What facilities do you have on campus?

One of the main features of our program is our modern facility. We have a student café that serves coffee, drinks, pastries and various snacks. This is a popular common area for our students to meet, study and relax. Our computer lab is available for our students and we are also an official iBT TOEFL test center.

When is my tuition due?

Your tuition is due on or before your program start date.

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Can I observe a class?

Yes, you just need to schedule an appointment with us at least a day in advance. There is no obligation.

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What is accreditation? Is the American Academy of English accredited?

Accreditation is an extensive process of evaluation of a school’s program of study by a recognized independent third party to ensure a high standard of quality and credibility of the institution. Prior to 2012, accrediation was voluntary for English language training programs. The American Academy of English has been accredited for over 10 years to ensure that our staff, instructor, curriculum and overall services are of the highest quality to provide exceptional service to our students and the ESL community.

The American Academy of English is accredited by ACCET which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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Is medical insurance offered?

Having medical insurance to cover doctor’s fees and hospitalization is important, as the cost of medical care is relatively high in the United States. It is strongly recommended that you carry an international insurance policy. If you do not have one, you can pick up an international student and scholar medical insurance application at the front office, or visit the links below. Unless you have coverage already, expect to pay upwards of $60 a month for insurance coverage. For more information, contact these medical insurance carriers: or

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